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     While Semprebon Vittorio e Figli Sas was incorporated in 1950, the Semprebon family has been in the marble business for five generations.

     The local stone industry where our company is located is the most concentrated, important and complete in the world, capable of meeting all types of demands. We have matured the experience necessary to completely comprehend the demands of any customer. This comes from years of purchasing raw materials directly in the quarry, always having been able to survey construction sites, regular contact with design engineers and from acting as a subcontractor for manufacture and supply to marble-workers.


     Our facilities include our very own, new laboratory which houses all machines needed to work marble, granite and stone, in addition to a vast outdoor storage area. Our personnel are employees who have always worked for the company, with proven skills and investment of special care in their tasks.


     Our company is proud of the many works we have been commissioned to carry out abroad. One of these was the important renovation of the Italian embassy in Berlin, a particularly valuable landmark, one of very few buildings left standing after the Second World War, in which a great deal of Travertine and Botticino were used.


     We place significant emphasis on assisting customers as they make their decisions, providing all types of consultancy, discussing the grain for the finish of surfaces and assessing the specific characteristics of each individual material, then proceeding with sampling. We supervise production throughout all stages, from the choice of the material to its complete transformation, all of which is done at our company. We take care of packaging, loading—and when requested—of transportation. We feel that it is important to deal with customers with equal commitment, whether the supply is large or small, conveying—through our products—the aesthetic quality, charm and elegance like only products that are made in Italy can.


     Five generations of dedication to stonecraft are what have made this company so longevous, infusing it with technology, quality and competence. Working side by side with designers and architects, and builders and owners, we have honed a certain feel for things—a knack— that the people who work with us particularly value. A deep knowledge of materials enables us to offer the best services together with an opportune choice of the best price-quality ratio, in order to meet each individual need.


     We perform technical analyses on product quality throughout the entire production cycle, from the choice of the material up through packaging and shipment. By request, we can provide you with the proper certification in compliance with regulations for our products. The great care invested in selecting raw materials, material quality and sophisticated manufacturing processes represents a quest for absolute quality to ensure that customers have the best product.


     Service and punctuality are the essential characteristics we base the customer relationship on. When necessary, we conduct construction surveying on-site and provide consultancy in the planning stage. We speak directly with architects and designers to illustrate the natural characteristics of our products and point out the best way to employ them. We rapidly supply a sample of the desired products, based on the chosen specifications, making your requests a reality.


     Creativity, handicraft, tradition, culture and design are the key words in our vision. They are what we want you to be able to sense, through the manufacture of a product from nature, with our highly advanced production. The company’s objective is to yield an outstanding product, made by the skilled hand of artisans, to an ever increasingly demanding public. Our creations thus have all the elegance and unmistakable style of a product that has been made in Italy.


     We work on a plethora of products directly on company premises, whether these be stone, marble, granite, limestone, travertine or agglomerates. We can apply all imaginable types of technology and workings with any type of surface: polished, honed, satin finished, flamed, brushed, sandblasted, bush hammered, nicked, striped, etc.


     They are part of our product manufacturing for construction in general, homes, flooring, coverings, bathroom and kitchen countertops, marble double-skin facades and more. They can be treated for specific types of protection.


     We make semi-finished and finished products from spec sheets, templates, designs, CAD and from surveys performed at the construction site. We distinguish ourselves by making custom size products that require major processing.







Via A. De Gasperi 1 - 37015 Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (VR)

Tel. +39 045 686 11 44  |  Fax. +39 045 686 11

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